Markes TC-20 & TC-20 TAG



TC-20 & TC-20 TAG

Conditioning and dry-purging units for multiple sorbent tubes

The TC-20™ and TC-20 TAG™ are compact, stand-alone devices for the simultaneous conditioning or dry-purging of up to 20 thermal desorption sorbent tubes.

Who uses the TC-20 & TC-20 TAG?

The TC-20 is used by thermal desorption–GC analysts who want to improve their laboratory’s productivity by avoiding using valuable instrument time for conditioning sorbent tubes.

The TC-20 TAG is a variant of the TC-20 for those who use Markes’ RFID TubeTAG tube tagging system with single sorbent bed tubes. It is especially useful for those working to the US EPA Method 325 regulation.

Product benefits

    • Free-up your analytical instrument – condition multiple sorbent tubes off-line.
    • Save time by conditioning up to 20 sorbent tubes simultaneously – using the analytical system could take 50 hours, but using the TC-20 just 2½ hours.
    • Save money by conditioning sorbent tubes with nitrogen rather than expensive helium gas.
    • Peace-of-mind – you are buying a quality product from the recognised leader in thermal desorption instrumentation.

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Markes TC-20 & TC-20 TAG