Markes Stainless Steel Thermal Desorption Sorbent Tubes



Industry-Standard Metal Tubes

Markes International’s industry-standard stainless steel tubes are made from the highest-specification materials, and are suitable for the majority of VOC air monitoring applications across a wide range of compound types and atmospheric concentrations. They comply with official standard methods such as US EPA Method TO-17 and EN ISO 16017.

Unrivalled labelling options

Tube labelling is provided as standard on Markes’ tubes, and helps you keep track of samples and tube stock . Labels on stainless steel tubes comprise a serial number, barcode, and sampling direction arrow.

Additional labelling and tracking options are also available:

    • Up to 10 alphanumeric characters can be laser-etched on the side of your metal tubes, e.g. sorbent type, company, project name.
    • Metal tubes can be permanently marked with up to five bands for rapid identification.
  • Markes’ TubeTAG™ radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology provides fail-safe tracking of tubes during field monitoring projects – the ultimate in sorbent tube informatics.
  • Recommended Sorbent Tubes

    PAHs in air (C2-AAXX-5138)

    Using large sample volumes and an optimised analytical protocol, this sorbent tube can be used to monitor polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at ppt levels.

    Material emissions/Indoor air (C3-AAXX-5304)

    These tubes comply with ISO 16000-6 for simultaneous monitoring of VVOCs, VOCs and SVOCs. They are particularly suitable for monitoring indoor air quality and for testing chemicals released by products and materials.

    Soil gas/Vapour intrusion (C3-AAXX-5304)

    These tubes, packed with the best sorbents for monitoring underground contamination and vapour intrusion, are compatible with everything from C4 hydrocarbons to middle-distillate fuels, as well as high-humidity air.

    Sorptive extraction and direct desorption (C0-AXXX-0000)

    Empty tubes are ideal for releasing volatiles from HiSorb sorptive extraction probes, as well as for direct desorption of small samples of relatively homogeneous materials.

  • Notes:
    • Pre-packed sorbent tubes can also be supplied conditioned and capped, ready for use on arrival.
    • Our digital catalogue contains further guidance on sorbent tube selection, or alternatively contact us to discuss any special requirements.
    • All tubes are supplied in packs of 10.
    • Single-bed tubes are suitable for pumped or passive sampling. Multi-bed tubes greatly extend the analyte range, but can only be used for pumped sampling.

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Markes Stainless Steel Thermal Desorption Sorbent Tubes