Markes SafeLok Sampling Tubes



SafeLok™ Sampling Tubes – Peace of mind for pumped sampling

Patented diffusion-locking technology

Markes International’s SafeLok tubes provide unrivalled protection for trace and toxic samples, while complying fully with standard methods for pumped sampling.

With a diffusion-locking insert at each end, SafeLok tubes ensure sample integrity throughout storage, transport and analysis. They are available in both regular and inert-coated stainless steel, and contain the same amount of sorbent as their non-SafeLok equivalents.


  • Pre-packed sorbent tubes can also be supplied conditioned and capped, ready for use on arrival.
  • Our digital catalogue contains further guidance on sorbent tube selection, or alternatively contact us to discuss any special requirements.
  • All tubes are supplied in packs of 10.
  • SafeLok tubes can only be used for pumped sampling.​

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Markes SafeLok Sampling Tubes