Markes Inert Coated Metal Thermal Desorption Tubes



Inert-Coated Metal Thermal Desorption Tubes

Inert-coated sorbent sampling tubeSorbent tubes for sulfur compounds and thermally labile species

Markes International’s inert-coated stainless steel tubes are a robust alternative to glass tubes for sampling thermally labile and reactive compounds, due to the extremely thin inert coating on all surfaces.

Unrivalled labelling options

Tube labelling is provided as standard on Markes’ tubes, and helps you keep track of samples and tube stock . Labels on stainless steel tubes comprise a serial number, barcode, and sampling direction arrow.

Additional labelling and tracking options are also available:

    • Up to 10 alphanumeric characters can be laser-etched on the side of your metal tubes, e.g. sorbent type, company, project name.
    • Metal tubes can be permanently marked with up to five bands for rapid identification.

Recommended Sorbent Tubes

US EPA Method 325 (C1-CAXX-5020)

Markes offers both tubes referenced for monitoring fugitive emissions at refinery fencelines (specifically, BTEX and butadiene), and is happy to advise on which option would work best for you.

Monitoring Odours (C2-CAXX-5314)

These tubes are packed with a carefully optimised combination of weak and strong inert sorbents, making them perfect for profiling a wide range of compounds including reactive sulfur species.


  • Pre-packed sorbent tubes can also be supplied conditioned and capped, ready for use on arrival.
  • Our digital catalogue contains further guidance on sorbent tube selection, or alternatively contact us to discuss any special requirements.
  • All tubes are supplied in packs of 10.
  • Single-bed tubes are suitable for pumped or passive sampling. Multi-bed tubes greatly extend the analyte range, but can only be used for pumped sampling.

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Markes Inert Coated Metal Thermal Desorption Tubes