Markes HiSorb Sorptive Extraction



HiSorb Sorptive Extraction

HiSorb™ is an innovative, labour-saving sampling system for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) in liquids and solids by TD–GC–MS. HiSorb offers a flexible alternative to methods such as stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE).

Extending the capability of thermal desorption (TD), HiSorb probes and accessories are ideal for trace-level component characterisation, aroma profiling, quality control and advanced research across a wide range of applications.

NEW – HiSorb is now fully automated by the Centri sampling and preconcentration platform.

Who uses HiSorb?

  • xisting thermal desorption users wishing to extend their capabilities to extraction from liquids.
  • Users of headspace, solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) or liquid extraction wanting to enhance the characterisation of their samples or obtain complementary information.

Why use HiSorb?

Time and cost savings

  • Robust, easy-to-use probes allow unattended sample preparation and automation on Centri, maximising productivity.
  • HiSorb is easier and quicker to use than solvent extraction.
  • Re-usable probes and tubes minimise the cost per sample.
  • The cost of solvent consumption and disposal is eliminated.

Increased sensitivity

  • Detection limits are lower than for SPME because of the larger capacity of the PDMS sorbent.
  • Cryogen-free trap-based preconcentration prior to automated GC–MS analysis improves sensitivity.


  • HiSorb can be used for immersive or headspace sampling of liquids and solid samples.
  • HiSorb is compatible with TD–GC–MS analysis using industry-standard tubes on all leading commercial systems.

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