Markes Glass Thermal Desorption Sorbent Tubes



Glass Thermal Desorption Sorbent Tubes

Tubes for sampling reactive species or for direct desorption of materials

Markes International’s high-quality glass tubes are completely inert, making them ideal for sampling reactive species. The clarity of the glass makes it easy to check the status of the sorbent, while also making them perfect for direct desorption of small samples.

Unrivalled labelling options

Tube labelling is provided as standard on Markes’ tubes, and helps you keep track of samples and tube stock . Labels on glass tubes are applied with kiln-fired ceramic decal (black on a white background), and comprise a serial number, barcode, and sampling direction arrow.

Markes’ TubeTAG™ radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is compatible with glass tubes, and provides fail-safe tracking of tubes during field monitoring projects – the ultimate in sorbent tube informatics.

Recommended Sorbent Tubes

US EPA Method TO-17 (C2-BAXX-5259)

Packed with medium and strong sorbents, these tubes trap polar and non-polar ‘air toxics’ ranging from propene to hexachlorobutadiene, with minimal water retention.

Direct desorption (C0-NXXX-0000)

See our video on how to pack a sorbent tube for direct desorption.

These tubes guarantee correct positioning of samples for direct desorption, as well as allowing easy inspection before and after analysis.


  • Pre-packed sorbent tubes can also be supplied conditioned and capped, ready for use on arrival.
  • Our digital catalogue contains further guidance on sorbent tube selection, or alternatively contact us to discuss any special requirements.
  • All tubes are supplied in packs of 10.
  • Single-bed tubes are suitable for pumped or passive sampling. Multi-bed tubes greatly extend the analyte range, but can only be used for pumped sampling.

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Markes Glass Thermal Desorption Sorbent Tubes