Markes DAAMS Tubes




Depot Area Air Monitoring Systems (DAAMS) tubes are sorbent tubes used for air sampling in chemical defence and counter-terrorism applications and subsequent analysis by TD–GC–MS.

Tubes are available in packs of 10 either empty, packed with Tenax® TA (suitable for most of the ‘G’ agents, HD, VX and ‘Russian VX’) or HayeSep D (suitable for the ‘G’ analogue of VX.  Other options are available on request.

DAAMS tubes can be analysed on Markes’ high-throughput, automated thermal desorption systems: TD100-xr DAAMS and UNITY–ULTRA-xr DAAMS.

Product highlights

  • Packed to ensure optimum recovery of challenging and toxic analytes such as chemical agents
  • Tubes are permanently labelled with a unique serial number, barcode and sampling flow arrow
  • Available in inert-coated stainless steel or glass

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