Markes Centri Sample Preparation




A breakthrough in sample automation and concentration for GC–MS

Centri is the first platform to offer high-sensitivity unattended sampling and preconcentration of VOCs and SVOCs in liquid, solid and gaseous samples.

Who uses Centri?

Centri is ideal for environmental, food, fragrance and clinical laboratories who:

    • Struggle with time-consuming manual sample preparation such as liquid–liquid extraction and SPE, and want to replace these with automated high-capacity sorptive extraction, thermal desorption, headspace or SPME techniques.
    • Need improved sensitivity for the analysis of organic species in solids or liquids.
    • Want to run many different GC–MS analyses on one platform, using various injection techniques and workflows.

Product benefits

    • Improve performance – Achieve ppt-level sensitivity for VOCs and SVOCs by cryogen-free analyte trapping.
    • Improve versatility – Analyse VOCs and SVOCs over a wide concentration range in liquid, solid and gaseous samples.
    • Improve sample throughput – Benefit from Centri’s ability to run integrated sequences of multiple sampling techniques and run in ‘overlap’ mode, for unattended operation all weekend.
    • Peace of mind – Future-proof your lab with a wide range of sampling options.

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Markes Centri Sample Preparation