Major Science SafeBlue Illuminator/ Electrophoresis System, MBE-150-PLUS


SafeBlue Illuminator/ Electrophoresis System, MBE-150-PLUS

The SafeBlue Electrophoresis System also uses blue LED light to allow for immediate visualization of DNA/RNA bands while running agarose electrophoresis gel. The complete system comes with three different sizes of gel trays for your convenience of use, 150x70mm, 150x100mm and 150x150mm. The system is RoHS and CE compliant for environmental and safety concerns. Different accessories are also available for user to select.


  • Innovative – a complete 4-in-1 system (run, view, capture and cut gel) with simple and easy set up
    on the image capture/analysis software.
    •  Convenient – run as you see, real time visualization on your DNA/RNA band migration
    •  Compact – footprint smaller than most UV transilluminator, easy to move and ideal for limited bench top space
    •  Economical – an inexpensive imager system with digital camera. Multiple accessories are also available to
    increase experimental efficiency
    •  Safe – 470nm blue light less invasive than UV light
    •  Flexible – UV tray adaptors available, compatible with MJ-105A or Mupid 2.
    •  Versatile – support gel trays 150x150mm or smaller
    •  Optimized performance – Major Blue, SYBR series DNA/RNA stains, Novel Juice and Midori Green series
    •  Simple – DNA/RNA recovery method

MBE-150-PLUS includes:

  • 1 x SafeBlue Illuminator
    •  1 x SafeBlue Electrophoresis Tank
    •  1 x Filter lid
    •  1 x Threaded Black and Red Electrophoresis Cable
    •  1 x 150x70mm UV tray
    •  1 x 150x100mm UV tray
    •  1 x 150x150mm UV tray
    •  2 x 20 sample combs (1mm thick)
    •  2 x UV tray casting dams
    •  1 x SafeBlue electrophoresis gel tank image enhancer film


Cat. No.



Output Voltage / Inc.

10-150V / 1V

Output Current / Inc.

10-300mA / 1mA

Max. Power


Operating Mode

Constant Voltage or Current


999 (min) with alarm / Continuous

Safety Device

No load detection



Blue Light Wavelength


Operating Temperature

Ambient to 40oC

Dimension (WxLxH)

Approx. 11.5″x7.9″x3.2″ (293x200x80mm)


Approx. 2.4lb (1.1kg)


Polycarbonate housing and aluminum base plate

Power Adaptor


Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.4A

Output: 15VDC, 4.0A, 60W max.

Cat. No.



Dimension (WxLxH)

Approx. 10.4″x6.9″x3.5″ (265x175x90mm)

Gel Dimension (WxL)

Approx. 5.9″x2.8″ (150x70mm), 5.9″x3.9″ (150x100mm), 5.9″x5.9″ (150x150mm)

Maximum Sample

70 for 5.9″x2.8″ (150x70mm) Tray (2×35 sample combs)

140 for 5.9″x3.9″ (150x100mm) Tray (4×35 sample combs)

210 for 5.9″x5.9″ (150x150mm) Tray (6×35 sample combs)

Buffer Volume



Acrylic (Injection molded construction)

Durable, leak proof environment for complete safety and long life

Cassette Type Electrode

Inexpensive, easy to replace

Electrical Safety

Lid can only be fastened in one way

Upon lid removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber

Rapid Casting Gel

Use casting dams

Cat. No.


Dimension (WxLxH)

Approx. 6.9″x10.6″x1.4″ (176x268x35mm)

Filter Type

Amber filter (for dyes selection, please click Accessories tab to see the comparison table for various nucleic acid stain performance.)

Lid Filter Wiper

Used to remove condensation