LVL SAFE® Screw Cap De-/Capper


Whether for the automatic processability of hundreds of racks per day or for the manual handling of relatively few samples – the use of cappers/decappers is indispensable or at least a real time and hassle saver depending on the sample volume. In our range you will find the suitable tool for all requirements – from manual 1 channel cappers through to a fully-automatic, integrable 96 channel device.


SAFE® 96-Channel Capper/ Decapper

SAFE® 96-Channel Capper/ Decapper

Compatible: with 96 SAFE® Caps from LVL

For use with: internal OR external threaded tube caps SAFE®

Opens and closes 96 caps at once

De-/Capping within 50 seconds

Article No. Type of Thread
CDC-96CH-IT-DD Internal
CDC-96CH-XT-DD External

SAFE® Cap Multi Cap Capper/ Decapper

SAFE® Cap Multi Cap Capper/ Decapper

  • Combines decapping/capping and high-speed barcode reading within one device
  • Process a full rack of tubes or row of tubes in portrait or landscape format
  • Decapping heads to decap tubes in both 48-Cryovials and 96-SBS-Racks with internal or external thread can easily be swapped
  • Can be operated as an integrated as well as a standalone device
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination by not moving over opened tubes
  • To ensure sample security only one row is processed at a time and will be recapped immediately
  • New turntable allows rack to be turned after decapping for better positioning in pipetting workflows
  • Compatible with 0.25 ml to 1.4 ml Tubes and with 1 ml to 4 ml Cryovials

Article No. Type of Thread No. of Channels
CDC-MC-12CH-XT-DD External 12
CDC-MC-12CH-IT-DD Internal 12
CDC-MC-8CH-XT-DD External 8
CDC-MC-8CH-IT-DD Internal 8

SAFE® 8-Channel Capper/ Decapper

SAFE® 8-Channel Capper/ Decapper

  • Semi-automated hand-held capper/decapper with ergonomic design
  • Reliably decaps and caps eight tubes in parallel
  • Stable stand for storage of device and contamination-free parking of screw caps
  • Eight individual motors for precise application of 7 Ncm torque for tube closure
  • Capping/Decapping 8 tubes at once
  • Integrated dropping mechanism
  • Power-saving mode for longer operating time in wireless mode

Article No. Type of Thread
CDC-8CH-XT-2 External
CDC-8CH-IT Internal

SAFE® 1-Channel Capper/ Decapper - manual

SAFE® 1-Channel Capper/ Decapper – manual

  • Can be used as a picker and a de-/capper
  • With integrated rejection mechanism

Article No. Thread
CDC-1CH-UNI Internal – 96 format
External – 48 format
External – 24 format
CDC-1CH-XT-96 External – 96 format
LVL SAFE® Screw Cap De-/Capper