LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter

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Introducing the LUNA-FX7™ – the automated cell counter that builds on the success of its predecessors. The LUNA-FX7™ is our most powerful cell counter to date, with unmatched cell counting accuracy, a maximum counting volume of 5.1 µL (10 times that of conventional cell counters), all new optics, dual fluorescence and brightfield illumination, a fast and precise autofocus, and multichannel pipette-ready 8-channel slides to count up to eight sample simultaneously. To help monitor and optimize bioprocesses, the LUNA-FX7™ has built-in quality control features and precision validation slides. 21 CFR Part 11-ready, the LUNA-FX7™ improves the security and efficiency of a lab’s workflow.

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LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter