Wiggens Large-Capacity Rotary Evaporator


STRIKE 20 – Large-Capacity Rotary Evaporator
Strike 20 has both industrial and laboratory rotary evaporation features. It meets all the process needs by using Borosilicate glass and PTFE permitting aggressive
substances treatment. The plant allows for evaporation of volatile components (low-boiling) so as to separate them from the residual ones (high-boiling) thanks to the difference of their boiling
points. The easy and totally safe startup, check and stop procedures of the process: Strike 20 is provided with a transparent protection shield for the evaporation flask and the thermostatic bath.

Heating Bath
The heating bath is lifted by means of a hydraulic system which, in case of Power failure, goes automatically down to avoid fluid overheating.

Sealing System
A great feature of Strike 20 is its sealing system made of self-lubricating material which allows a perfect vacuum-tight. This sealing system does not require any maintenance.

Pressure And Temperature
Strike 20 runs under atmospheric pressure conditions or vacuum. It guarantees a perfect vacuum-tight up to 5 mbar. The perfect sealing up to 5 mbar allows for
reduced process time due to the low evaporation temperature of the fluid. The thermostatic bath can run both with water and oil allowing to reach 180℃
maximum temperature; it also permits evaporation of any solvent under atmospheric pressure conditions. The heating bath is supplied with two 3KW electric heaters.

Measurement, Visual Display, And Recording Of The Following Parameters:
* Bath pre-set and real temperature
* Vapor pre-set and real temperature
* Pre-set and real rotation speed
* Pre-set and real vacuum reading and setting

The process operating parameters can be set and
monitored on a 7″ touch-screen display.

Measurement, display, and data recording of the following Parameters:
* Set and actual temperature value of the bath
* Set and actual vapor temperature value
* Set and actual rotation speed value of the evaporation flask
* Set and actual vacuum value (vacuum controller included as standard)

* Distillation(continuous and discontinuous)
* Solvent recycling
* Reflux process reactions
* Component drying
* Fine chemical synthesis
* Crystallization
* Extractions
* Purifications
* R&D studies
* Scale-down processes

Wiggens Large-Capacity Rotary Evaporator