Labselect Low Retention Filter Tips



Labselect low retention filter tips are designed to compatible with most popular brands of pipettes. These polypropylene tips are nonpyrogenic and DNase-/RNase-free. Low retention surface ensures maximum sample recovery and high-precision pipetting.

• Maximum recovery technology for ultra-low retention and high yield
• Available in racks
• Diverse product range
• Excellent compatibility
• Nonpyrogenic
• DNase-/RNase-free

Ordering Information

Cat no.  Volume Description Packaging
FT-10-LR 10 uL Bulk Bulk Packed: 1000 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case Racked Packed: 96 pcs/rack, 50 racks/case
FT-10-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile
FT-10L-LR 10 uL (Ext) Bulk
FT-10L-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile
FT-20-LR 20 uL Bulk
FT-20-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile
FT-100-LR 100 uL Bulk
FT-100-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile
FT-200-LR 200 uL Bulk
FT-200-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile
FT-200L-LR 200 uL (ext) Bulk
FT-200L-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile
FT-1000-LR 1000 uL Bulk 1000 pcs/bag, 5 bags/case
FT-1000-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile 100 pcs/rack, 50 racks/case
FT-1250-LR 1250 uL Bulk 1000 pcs/bag, 5 bags/case
FT-1250-LR-R-S Racked, Sterile 96 pcs/rack, 50 racks/case


Labselect Low Retention Filter Tips