Labselect 0.2ml PCR Single Tube



Labselect PCR Tubes are made from Polypropylene(PP) materials and designed to fit a variety of thermal cyclers for both PCR and Real-time PCR. The consistent and ultra-thin wall allows precise thermal transfer and optimally conduct heat to the reaction solution. PCR tubes in a standardized form, applicable to all laboratory PCR equipment.

• Effective thermal conductivity
• Suitable for all kinds of PCR reactions, especially fluorescent luminescent and real-time PCR applications
• Non-pyrogenic
• Non-cytotoxic
• DNase-/RNase-free
• Human DNA-free
• Non-sterile

• Two volumes available: 0.2ml
• Two colors available: Clear / White
• Stripe caps available: Flat

Packing size
1000pcs/box , 10boxes/case