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* Advanced microprocessor controlling system guarantees the reliability and temperature stability
* Bright and clear LCD or LED digital display and setting for the working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety temperature
* Memory function for stirring speed and setting temperature, convenient for experiments with fixed conditions
* Liquid drainage above the control board to prevent liquids from accessing the system
* Direct connection for Pt100 temperature sensor for convenient solution temperature control
* Sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts design for enhanced longevity even in a harsh laboratory environment
* When the temperature of the top plate is above 60℃ , the hot-top indicator will light up for the user’s safety protection

Safe Heating and Mixing
Have you ever heard of hotplates with
fast heat-up times and chemical

HT serial – Advantages and Applications
* With the new infrared technology, is a high-temperature type hot plate stirrer with very good heating efficiency as well as great stability
* Chemical resistant ceramic glass plate with excellent anti-thermal-shock characteristics, robust and easy to clean with an attractive_appearance as well as practical reliability
* Very quick obtainment of desired high media temperature, which low-temperature models can not reach
* High safety protection: When exceeding the safety range of the hot top ( 50 ℃ more than the setting temperature) or solution (adjustable for WH240-HT), the heating can be shutoff immediately and automatically for the safety protection
* Two sets of PID parameters (WH240-HT) suitable for quick heating of large volume sample or accurate control of small amount sample


Model WH220-HT
Display Mode LED
Top Plate Temperature Range (℃ ) 500
Solvent Temperature (Pt100 sensor)(℃ ) 300
Temperature Stability (Pt100sensor)(℃ ) ±2
Safety Temp. (℃ ) 550
Rotating Speed (rpm) 100~1200
Heating Capacity (W) 600
Max. Capacity (L)H2O 20
Top Plate Material Glass Ceramic
PID Parameters 1 set of PID
Interface USB
Top Plate Dimensions(mm) 150×190
Dimensions (mm) 225X215X115
High-Temperature Protection △ T(℃ )
Order No. 400301
Wiggens Infrared Digital Hot Plates / Stirrers