Wiggens Industrial Rotary Evaporator


STRIKE 100 – Industrial Rotary Evaporator

STRIKE100 is a large-capacity rotary evaporator designed for industrial plants. It meets all the process needs by using Borosilicate glass and PTFE permitting aggressive substances treatment.
The unit works under vacuum or atmosphere conditions. The rotation of the 50 or 100 lt evaporation flask in the thermostatic bath results in forced convection and homogenous distribution of
the product, thus preventing sedimentation. Moreover, it ensures a high evaporating exchange surface. The sealing system guarantees the perfect vacuum tightness and maintenance-free operation.

* Distillation (continuous and discontinuous)
* Solvent recycling
* Reflux process reactions
* Component drying
* Fine chemical synthesis
* Crystallization
* Extractions
* Purifications
* Scale-up processes

* Pharmaceutical
* Chemical
* Cosmetic
* Herb extraction
* Petrochemical
* Food

The highest performance proposal in the market! 

Total safety system
The industrial safety rotary evaporators are able to safeguard the user from any risk during work. The thermostatic bath is covered by a transparent shield providing the operator with utmost
protection from glass breaking and spray at high temperature. The thermostatic bath and the protective shield are lifted by means of a hydraulic system electronically controlled. An automatic
system lowers the thermostatic bath when a Power failure, door opening and overheating occur. It is also inserted on glassware a brake disc in order to avoid sudden overpressure.

Vacuum sealing system
A great feature of these rotary evaporators is its sealing system made of self-lubricating material which allows a perfect vacuum-tight. This sealing system does not require any maintenance.

Heating bath
The heating bath is lifted by means of a hydraulic system which, in case of Power failure or doors opening, goes automatically down to avoid fluid overheating and the process will immediately
stop. Electric heater enhanced to 8Kw to ensure continuous evaporation of the product even in the worst conditions.

The process operating conditions can be set and displayed: any value error or anomalous temperature will block the Electric Power. For STRIKE100 ATEX version is an “LCD display anti-reflection
coating glass panel” . For version, STRIKE100 is a graphical color display 7″ touch-screen

Electronic controller
Strike100 e STRIKE100ATEX are fully controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which allows for controlling the parameters as well as setting them directly by means of the keys.
The client could acquire on an external PC through serial communication all the process parameters through special software for data acquisition and management. The client could remotely control the instrument from an external PC via serial communication. Client could save and recall up to 20 methods or “recipes” work that the customer can customize over time (NOT ON ATEX VERSION). In
addition, the instrument has control algorithms that allow you to finish the process of evaporation/distillation or separation of solvents automatically by reading the temperature of the vapors.

Parameters measurement, visual display, and recording of the following:
* Bath pre-set and real temperature
* Vapor pre-set and real temperature
* Pre-set and real rotation speed
* Pre-set and real vacuum reading and setting

Wiggens Industrial Rotary Evaporator