IMPROVIRAL™ Viral Media With Flocked Swab

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Comparison between VPM & NAT

VPM: Activated viral preservative medium 

Widely used for the collection, preservation and transportation of nasopharyngeal pathogen specimens such as influenza, pneumonia, avian influenza, hand-foot-mouth disease, measles and other.

NAT: Inactivated viral preservative medium 

Is a versatile molecular medium specially designed to stabilize and preserve microbial and human nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) for prolonged time periods.


Swabs available: Artificial fiber, Flocked Swab – Nasopharyngeal  (Nasal),  Flocked Swab Oropharyngeal (Oral)

2 sizes of tube available: 5ml (15x57mm) and 10ml (16*100mm)

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IMPROVIRAL™ Viral Media With Flocked Swab