Corning® Gentest™ Human Mixed Pooled Microsomes, Cytosol, and S9



Tissue fractions from human and animal livers represent an important tool in preclinical metabolism studies for predicting the toxicity and pharmacokinetic properties of a drug compound. Liver microsomes from humans and animal species play an important role in evaluating drug compounds for metabolic stability, reactive metabolites, drug-drug interactions, reaction phenotyping, and metabolite identification.

For years, Corning has been a trusted provider of a wide range of high-quality tissue fractions, including liver and intestinal microsomes, as well as ancillary products (e.g., cofactors, chemical substrates, metabolites, and inhibitors) necessary to perform metabolism-based assays.

Corning® Gentest™ microsomes, cytosol, and S9 subcellular fractions provide a convenient, cost-effective source of native enzymes responsible for phase I and phase II metabolism of drugs. These enzymes include cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP), UDP-glucuronosyl transferases (UGT), and flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO). As part of Corning Life Sciences’ on-going commitment to bringing innovative tools to life scientists and emerging areas of ADME/Tox research, Corning added a large donor pool of human liver microsomes (HLMs), the Corning UltraPool™ HLM 150, to the Corning portfolio of human liver microsomes. This large donor pool better represents the average patient population and known CYP polymorphisms, enabling consistent experimental results in multi-year programs, and offering a time savings by reducing the time required qualifying new lots of HLMs.

Corning Gentest allelic variant HLM panels are genotyped single donors designed to help address the growing concerns over drug safety for all patients including outlier population with polymorphorphic gene (CYPs, UGTs, etc.). Genetic polymorphisms exist for many drugs as most P450s have been shown to possess mutant alleles. Polymorphisms may also explain some idiosyncratic reactions. We have prepared panels where the 1% of the population has a genetic olymorphism with a CYP or UGT defect. Genotype allelic variant panels are available for CYP2C8, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6, 3A5, and UGT1A1. Many steps are taken during the manufacture of all Corning Gentest tissue fraction products to reduce lot-to-lot variability and to ensure reproducibility. Complete assay results and donor information are provided on the product insert. Contact [email protected] to obtain up-to-date single donor information.

Note: All human tissues are prepared from donors who tested negative serologically for HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-1, HTLV-2, HBV, HCV, and syphilis. All tissues are subsequently tested for the same pathogens by PCR.

Cat. No. Product Name
452115 Corning® UltraPool™ Human Liver Cytosol, 150-Donor Pool, Mixed Gender, 1.0 mL
452116 Corning® UltraPool™ Human Liver S9, 150-Donor Pool, Mixed Gender, 1.0 mL
452117 Corning® UltraPool™ HLM 150, Mixed Gender, 0.5 mL
452118 Corning® UltraPool™ HLM 150, Mixed Gender, 80 Vials of Cat. #452117
452156 Corning® Gentest™ HLM, 50-Donor Pool, Mixed Gender, 0.5 mL
452161 Corning® Gentest™ HLM, ~20-Donor Pool, Mixed Gender, 0.5 mL
452227 Corning® Gentest™ Human Tissue Fraction Kit, 50-Donor Pools (Includes 1 vial each of HLM, S9, and Cytosol prepared from the same 50 donors)
452961 Corning® Gentest™ Human Liver S9, 20-Donor Pool, Mixed Gender, 1.0 mL
Corning® Gentest™ Human Mixed Pooled Microsomes, Cytosol, and S9