Wiggens Flapping Homogenizer Series



Flapping Homogenizer (Stomaker)
* Flapping Homogenizer is also called Sterile Homogenizer, can be used to abstract bacteria from solid samples. Put the original samples and the diluents into the sterile bag, then put the bag into the homogenizer, through the flapping of the paddles, the material in the bag can rapidly reach a homogenized state by the pressure, shaking and vibration.
* To guarantee the uniformity of the effective extraction of the microorganism inside and on the surface of the solid sample,         make sure to include all the material in the sterile bag. The homogenized sample then can be used for the following analysis, the sterile bag avoids the cross-contamination.
* Using disposable sterile homogeneous bags to guarantee the sample safety and non-contamination, leakless process omits cleaning of the instrument. The advantage of the flapping homogenization is convenient, quick, mild, accurate, and good repeatability. Samples will not be contaminated, damaged,       heated, and no sterilization as well as no container is needed, thus no container cleaning process either.
* Food microbiological analysis
* Homogenization of animal tissues, biological samples, and cosmetics
* Homogenization of meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits
* Medicines, clinics, molecules, detection of toxins and bacteria

* Leading microprocessor technology for flap control
* Adjustable flapping speed for the HG400V and the HG400VW,(20~600 Strokes/min,10~300rpm / min)
* Working time can be set on continuous or between 1 sec and 10 min
* Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
* Stainless steel housing with plastic coating
* Easy to clean working chamber
* The HG400 and the HG400W employ digital setting and display of the working time
* Digital and analog interface for remote control


Model HG400V
Door Design Stainless Steel Door
Capacity Range 50-400 mL
Flapping Speed Adjustable Between 20~600 Strokes /
min (10~300rpm / min)
Exterior Size (LxWxH)(W x D x H, cm) 45 x 21 x 24
Interior Size(W x D x H, cm) 10 x 19 x 22
Wiggens Flapping Homogenizer Series