Ezypro® – Continuous ECG Monitoring Devices


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Asia’s First 14-DAY Continuous ECG Recorder

Product Features

High detection rate; completely capture paroxysmal arrhythmias.
Clinically proven to increase arrhythmia detection rate by 3-5 times, up to 60%.

Detection rate for arrhythmias










Great patient compliance; lightweight, patented water-resistant and hypoallergenic patch design that significantly improve comfort with insignificant skin irritation.
















AI empowered software; precise algorithm integrated with expert designed system and deep learning for swift classification and labelling of abnormal ECG strips. Secured Cloud Platform; systematic data management and able to support hospital system integration. Professional ECG analysis team; ECG interpreted and curated thoroughly by dedicated ECG analysts with medical background in Cardiology.

High quality ECG tracing and holistic picture of patient arrhythmia; enable doctors to formulate treatment plan.

USA & European Clinical Guidelines for Prolonged Monitoring

Clinical Applications

  • Arrhythmia detection
  • Stroke prevention (ischemic/secondary)
  • Assess the cause of syncope (psychogenic)
  • Routine health check-up (early detection and timely treatment)
  • Post heart surgery monitoring

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Ezypro® – Continuous ECG Monitoring Devices