DMB Sialic Acid Labeling Kit

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DMB Sialic Acid Labeling Kit (formerly ProZyme)

  • Release and derivatization of sialic acids with 1,2-diamino4,5-methylenedioxybenzene (DMB) for separation by liquid chromatography.
  • Comparison may be made against the included sialic acid reference panel (SARP, p/n GKRP-2503), which includes:
    • Neu5Gc (NGNA)
    • Neu5Ac (NANA)
    • Neu5,7Ac2
    • Neu5Gc,9Ac
    • Neu5,9Ac2
    • Neu5,7(8)9Ac3.
  • Up to 20 samples may be processed (2 batches of 10).

Count : 10

Protein Load Range : 1-10 µg

Equipment and Reagents Provided by User :

  • Heating block or oven (set at 50EC for labeling, 80EC for release reaction)
  • HPLC system for analysis
  • GlykoSep R HPLC column
  • Water, HPLC grade
  • Methanol, HPLC grade
  • Acetonitrile, HPLC grade

DMB Sialic Acid Labeling Kit