DIAMEX Optitrol COVID-19 Controls


DiaMex Optitrol COVID-19 IgG and Optitrol Covid-19 IgM is a single marker quality control (QC) sample intended to monitor the performance of in-vitro assays for determination of IgG antibodies against the pathogen of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 in human serum and plasma. Optitrol COVID-19 controls is an unassayed control without target values and is optimized for different platforms and assays.

The controls must not be used as a substitute for the mandatory manufacturer’s kit controls provided with the assay.Examples of reactivity (no target values) for this control on different test systems can be found at http://www.diamex.com.

Optitrol QC results are helpful in determining the precision of testing systems and in identifying sources of variation. Users of Optitrol QC samples have access to EDCNet, an Internet-based QC results monitoring system at http://www.nrlquality.org.au/Optitrol.


Product code QC Product Kit Format
SR14049 Optitrol Covid-19 IgM 1 x pos.
SR14047 Optitrol Covid-19 IgM 2 x pos.
SR14043 Optitrol Covid-19 IgM 4 x pos.
SR14039 Optitrol Covid-19 IgG 1 x pos
SR14037 Optitrol Covid-19 IgG 2 x pos.
SR14033 Optitrol Covid-19 IgG 4 x pos.

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DIAMEX Optitrol COVID-19 Controls