Deltalab CRYOINSTANT: Porous beads for microbiological culture preservation

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CRYOINSTANT: Porous beads for microbiological culture preservation

CryoInstant is an excellent preservation system for storing microbiological culture (for example fungus on sporulation phase), consisting on 2 ml cryovials containing 25 porous beads and cryopreservative-added broth.
With these vials we can:
– Get a perfect freezing storage system.
– Obtain up to 25 replicates from the original microorganism, to use them during many years
– Ease the recovery of the stored strain streaking an inoculated bead directly onto solid media
– Prevent changes and repetitive thawing / freezing of the rest of beads
– Avoid the growth of ice when recovering,
– Improve recovery rates of frozen cultures by adding cryopreservative to broth
– Minimise the risk of cross contamination,
– Save space in the freezers when storing.
The external thread cryovials are made of polypropilene. Their smooth inner surface prevents from contamination. Their caps embody a silicone washer to ensure a positive leakproof seal. Tubes and caps withstand up to –190 ºC. In order to ease the classification of the samples, we offer the possibility to get cryovials with caps and beads in five different colours: every code displays caps and beads from a single and same colour (excepting code 409113/6, which is an assortment), allowing a fast and easy identification of the samples, and providing a system whereby users are able to code different bacterial species, different samples, different laboratories, etc. And even more: with colour coded inserts a further classification can be made.
Cryovials are presented in carton boxes (resistant to –100 ºC; dimensions: 150x150x55 mm) with 100 units; boxes are furtherly described in page 202. Each box is supplied plastic-wrapped and labelled with code reference, batch, expiration date and specifying the colour of the caps and beads.
Shelf life: 48 month.
Autoclave sterile

Product code colour case qty.
409113/1 White 100
409113/2 Blue 100
409113/3 Yellow 100
409113/4 Red 100
409113/5 Green 100
409113/6 Assorted 100

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Deltalab CRYOINSTANT: Porous beads for microbiological culture preservation