Deltalab Cardboard Waste Containers

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Product code description presentation dimensions capacity unitary weight case qty.
250050 Maximum load: 12,5 kg 1 263 x 263 x 756 mm 50 l 660 g 10
270050 Maximum load: 12,5 kg 2 355x 263 x 485mm 50 l 570 g 10

Cardboard containers with lid, designed for storage and disposal of group II solid and semi-solid waste. With an integrated low density polyethylene bag (stuck in their interior). They can be incinerated without release of toxic fumes. The lid features two seals. One temporary that will avoid unpleasant smells and eliminate the risk of contamination while using the container. The second one is a definitive, positive seal: closing the bag with a belt already included, sealing the lids, and reinforcing them with an adhesive tape.
These containers embody lateral handles.
Model 1, code 250050, 50 l capacity, is made of cardboard 2.7 mm minimal thick. PEBD 60 μ bag, adhered to the base and the walls. Its height allows users not to need to lean forward as they throw away waste. Easy to assemble thanks to its auto-mountable bottom. A maximum filling line is printed on its body.
Model 2, code 270045, 50 l capacity, is manufactured in reinforced cardboard, double thickness (4 mm minimum). PEBD bag 54 μ adhered to the base.
Safe closure with the help of raised edges. Both are printed with the biohazard anagram and text; assembling and closing instructions and drawings; identification formulary, and standards. Suitable for liquid and solid products or products with a certain level of humidity. In accordance with UN ADR (road transport), and manufactured pursuant new French Standard NFX 30 507. Containers are supplied folded up for space-saving. Those containers are not suitable for needle disposal.

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Deltalab Cardboard Waste Containers