Axygen Sealing Film for Storage


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  • Tight seal across entire plate safeguards sample during transport or storage
  • Reduces well-to-well contamination and cross-over in PCR applications when used with Axygen compression mats


  • Polyester-based with uniformly applied acrylic adhesive reduces the edge effect in sensitive ELISA assays
  • Suitable for use on tissue culture microplates, short-term storage and incubation, transport, and containment of biohazardous solutions

Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs
PCR-TS Axygen® 60 µm CyclerSeal Sealing Film for Storage and PCR Application, Nonsterile 100 / Pk 500 / Cs
PCR-SP Axygen® 80 µm AxySeal Sealing Film for Tissue Culture, Short-Term Storage and Transportation, Nonsterile 100 / Pk 500 / Cs


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Axygen Sealing Film for Storage