Corning® Supersomes™ – Human UGT Enzymes



Corning Supersomes Enzymes are recombinant enzyme products and recognized worldwide as the industry gold standard. These enzymes are prepared from baculovirus-transfected insect cells with very high levels of catalytic activities (typically 6-fold higher than an average HLM sample). This is ideal for screening high throughput drug interactions, studying slowly metabolized chemicals, or manufacturing large-scale production of metabolites for structural identification.

Corning offers more than 40 different human and animal P450 isoforms, many with or without NADPH reductase. Additionally, Corning offers wide range of non-P450 metabolic enzymes, including UDP-glucuronosyl transferases (UGTs), flavin-containing monooxygenases (FMOs), monoamine oxidases (MAOs), soluble N-Acetyltransferases (NATs), and carboxylesterases (CESs). For many of the recombinant enzyme products, side-by-side comparisons of the catalytic activity with pooled human liver microsomes (HLMs) have been performed and the data are available by email [email protected]

Key Benefits

  • Wide-range selection of high quality metabolism enzymes
  • Higher catalytic activities than the native enzymes from human liver and other organs, with comparable Km
  • Accepted industry gold standard recombinant enzyme system, with large number of peer-reviewed publications
  • Preferred enzymes for generating data to use with the Simcyp computational model
  • Supports essential assays such as reaction phenotyping, metabolic stability, and enzyme inhibition required for FDA new drug registration and other pharmacokinetic studies that are appropriate for evaluating pro-drugs and CYP or non-CYP pathways of elimination.

UGT = UDP-glucuronosyl transferases


Cat. No. Product Name
453323 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT2B10, 0.5 mL
456407 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A7, 0.5 mL
456410 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A10, 0.5 mL
456411 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A1, 0.5 mL
456413 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A3, 0.5 mL
456414 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A4, 0.5 mL
456416 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A6, 0.5 mL
456418 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A8, 0.5 mL
456419 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT1A9, 0.5 mL
456424 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT2B4, 0.5 mL
456427 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT2B7, 0.5 mL
456435 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT2B15, 0.5 mL
456437 Corning® Supersomes™ Human UGT2B17, 0.5 mL
Corning® Supersomes™ – Human UGT Enzymes