Wiggens Compressed Air System Generator


Workflow of

*Compressed air system is designed for laboratory applications
*P440 is a small size that is suitable for the supply of compressed air for work conditions with a small flow rate and low pressure in the laboratory.
* P640 is medium size which is suitable for a continuous supply of compressed air, equipped with condenser and filter to increase the output air purity.


Model P440 P640
Max. Airflow (L/min) 30 60
Max. Pressure (bar) 5 8
Pressure adjustment range (bar) 0~5 0~8
Power(W) 750 550
Air tank (L) 30 30
Weight(kg) 56 68
Noise (dB) 69 69
Dimension L×W×H (mm) 680×340×720 640×470×720
Filter type WND30005 WND30005
Running type Switch: auto stop start at 3bar and stop at 5bar. start at 3bar and stop at 6bar.


Connection (mm) 8mm quick connector or G1/4 Male
safety valve: Release the air pressure automatically when the pressure over 8bar in the air tank
Wiggens Compressed Air System Generator