BioLector XT High Throughput Microbioreactor


BioLector XT

High-throughput microbioreactor enables real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence, pH, DO, and other key cultivation parameters for aerobes and anaerobes.

This microbioreactor is based on a standard ANSI/SLAS (SBS) microtiter plate (MTP) format, and operates with online, pre-calibrated optical sensors. Disposable 48 well MTPs enable online measurement of cultivation parameters, while patented microfluidic technology supports simultaneous pH control and feeding. The optional microfluidic module eliminates manual liquid handling—no tubing or pipetting required, as everything is part of the gamma-radiated ready-to-use plate.

Innovative Gassing Lid Optional Microfluidic Module “Plug-And-Play” Plate Design Intelligent Biolection Software
Enables fed-batch experiments under anaerobic conditions Microvalves allot liquids at nanoliter-scale Online data out of 48/32 parallel cultivations Intuitive user interface supports multi-user environments
Gassing with O22within a range of 1% – 100% and with CO2 within 0% – 12 % Complements online monitoring function with well-specific pH regulation/feeding Customizable feeding strategies (batch, fed-batch)* Free programming of all control parameters
Reduces gas consumption to a few mL/minute Enables use of 2 feed lines per cultivation well Control of pH on-the-plate with pre-calibrated optical sensors* Open system enables live data downloads
Optional humidification of gases reduces evaporation Small working volume (800 – 2400 μL) Fast processor ensures rapid download of experiment data

Automated Fermentation

For triggered sampling, harvesting or additional feeding, the BioLector XT can be combined with a liquid handling robotic system. Check out below for more details on RoboLector


RoboLector® is a proprietary combination of a liquid handling robot with a BioLector®.
This unique automated fermentation platform integrates the high-throughput fermentation and online
monitoring capability of the BioLector® with the precise liquid handling of a robotic system.

Fermentation Modes Online Trigger Signals
• DO or time controlled feeding
• Fed-batch with bolus feeding
• Repeated fed-batch
• Biomass dependent sampling or dosing
• Time dependent sampling or dosing
• pH adjustments
• Biomass concentration
• pH, DO (using optodes)
• Fluorescent molecules (GFP, YFP, DsRed …)
• NAD(P)H and ribofl avins
• Process or induction time
• Working volume
• Automated upstream processing of up to 48 parallel fermentations
• Continuous operation 24 hours/day and 7 days/week
• Plug & Play disposable technology
• Design of experiments (DoE)
• Detailed process understanding in short time
• Excellent pipetting accuracy (< 5 %, 50-950 µl)
and reproducibility (CV < 5 %, 50-950 µl)
• Reliable scale up to lab-fermenters
• Fast and easy data analysis
• A valuable tool for PAT and QbD
• Processing units possible (for custom made solutions)


RoboLector® L RoboLector® XL
Robotic Arms 1 1
Arm Type Liquid handling Liquid handling
Pipetting Channels 2 or 4 8
Pipetting Volume With Disposable Tips 20 – 950 µl 20 – 950 µl
Pipetting Volume With Washable Tips 10 – 1000 µl 10 – 1000 µl
Liquid Level Detection By capacity in conductive liquids By capacity in conductive liquids
Type Of Tips 1 disposable tip, 1 washable tip (L-2) & 1 disposable tip, 3 washable tips (L-4) 2 disposable tips, 6 washable tips (XL-8)
Max. Deck Positions (SBS footprint) 16 20


BioLector XT High Throughput Microbioreactor