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The BD MAX™ Enteric Solutions portfolio addresses complex patient needs through unique, versatile assay design. A targeted panel approach allows for test selection based on clinical presentation. Materials and labor for the stool bench are greatly reduced, and results are available in hours instead of days. Increased diagnostic accuracy and timely results, compared to traditional methods, enable prompt clinical decisions.

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Pack Size: 24 Tests/Pack

Product Code Product Name Product Description
442963 BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial Panel Detects over 90% of bacterial organisms causing infectious gastroenteritis.
443812 BD MAX™ Extended Enteric Bacterial Panel Extends testing coverage to lower-prevalence bacterial pathogens.
442960 BD MAX™ Enteric Parasite Panel Detects 3 commonly isolated and highly pathogenic parasites that cause gastroenteritis.
443985 BD MAX™ Enteric Viral Panel Broad coverage of key viral pathogens – Norovirus, Rotavirus, Adenovirus (40/41), Sapovirus and Human Astrovirus.

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