ATLAS EQUAFETAL® US Origin Bovine Serum


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With the ever changing serum market, EquaFetal is your solution for stable pricing, lot to lot consistency and equivalent performance when compared to FBS.

Atlas Biologicals believes in a better serum. We pride ourselves in specializing in 100% US Origin BovineSerum. EquaFetal meets all specifications for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) at a substantial savings.

EqualFetal is utilized by our customers in human cell therapy clinical trials, cGMP settings and in general research.

From commercial applications to research, EquaFetal offers more advantages at a reduced cost.



– Complies with world wide export regulations • Certificate of Suitability (EDQM)
– TRACES Certified (USDA / APHIS) allowing export to the European Union
– cGMP / Clinical trials – For Further Manufacturing Use


When compared to FBS, offers better:

– Traceablity to individual animals • Proprietary collection methods • Lot to lot consistency
– Detailed documentation • Significant cost savings


Pack Size: 500ml/ Bottle

SKU: EF-0500-A

Storage Condition: -10 to -30°C

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ATLAS EQUAFETAL® US Origin Bovine Serum