Aptaca Urine Containers For Vacuum Tubes



Urine containers graduated, yellow screw cap with device for suction with vacuum tubes.
Label on the cap for sampling system protection. With writing surface.
Material: polypropylene.

Cat. No. Packaging Volume Dimension
5120 Non sterile – Bulk 120ml Ø 59 x 68 mm
5120/TS Sterile – Bulk 120ml
5120/SG Sterile – ind. wrapped 120ml
5060 Non sterile – Bulk 60ml Ø 35 x 70 mm
5060/TS Sterile – Bulk 60ml
5060/SG Sterile – ind. wrapped 60ml

For more information, please visit: http://www.aptaca.com/ENG/laboratory_testing_products/containers.php

Aptaca Urine Containers For Vacuum Tubes