Aptaca Sterile Transport Swabs (Test Tube Applicator Type)



A complete range of swabs for the collection and transport of bacteriological and viral samples, with transport medium agar gel, or foam sponge soaked with liquid transport medium to grant the survival of specimens during their transportation to clinical laboratory.
The transport swabs are composed of a soft rayon tip with plastic or aluminum applicator stick and a labelled cylindrical test tube Ø12×150 mm.
Produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are classified and certified as Medical Devices Class II sterile (invasive surgery for temporary use).
Sterile irradiated (SAL 10-6), in medical easy opening peel-pack, pyrogen free.

Cat. No. Medium/ Type Shaft Tip Type
301/SG Amies Plastic Rayon
301/AL/SG Amies Aluminium Rayon
303/SG Amies with Charcoal Plastic Rayon
303/AL/SG Amies with Charcoal Aluminium Rayon
301/SG/XL Double Clear Amies Plastic Rayon
303/SG/XL Double Amies with charcoal Plastic Rayon
305/SG Stuart Plastic Rayon
305/AL/SG Stuart Aluminium Rayon
307/SG Stuart with Charcoal Plastic Rayon
307/AL/SG Stuart with Charcoal Aluminium Rayon
309/SG Cary Blair Plastic Rayon
309/AL/SG Cary Blair Aluminium Rayon
311/SG Virus Plastic Rayon
313/SG Virus Aluminium Rayon
321/SG Chlamydia Plastic Rayon
323/SG Chlamydia Aluminium Rayon

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Aptaca Sterile Transport Swabs (Test Tube Applicator Type)