Aptaca Sterile Dry Swabs in Test Tube



Dry swabs, available in a wide range of materials and sizes, for various applications.
Contained in test tubes for a more easy samples protection, in medical peel-pack or in bulk.
Produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are classified and certified as Medical Devices (except of forensic swabs).

In polypropylene test tube Ø 12 x 150 mm.

2180/SG is swabs for Forensic use, suitable for sample collection for DNA evidence analysis (data bank, paternity tests, etc.) and for investigation at crime scenes. They are certified Human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors free.

Cat. No. Packaging Shaft Tip Type
2190/SG Bulk Plastic Polyurethane foam
2190/SG/CS Individually wrapped in peel-pack Plastic Polyurethane foam
2150/SG Bulk Wood Cotton
2150/SG/CS Individually wrapped in peel-pack Wood Cotton
2160/SG Bulk Plastic Rayon
2160/SG/CS Individually wrapped in peel-pack Plastic Rayon
2170/SG Bulk Aluminium Rayon
2170/SG/CS Individually wrapped in peel-pack Aluminium Rayon
2180/SG Bulk Plastic Rayon

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Aptaca Sterile Dry Swabs in Test Tube