Aptaca Liquid Collection & Transport Swabs



Ready to use, composed by a swab and a test tube with screw cap containing a liquid medium, suitable for the transportation and preservation of the clinical microbiological samples.
Suitable both for use with automatic instruments whether for manual use.
The liquid medium type allows to dilute the samples easily and rapidly obtaining a homogeneous solution ready to be used and appropriate in order to obtain many samples equal rates to carry out different analysis.
Packed in peel-pack, easy opening, totally in plastic material for optimal protection.
Produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), on demand certified in accordance with CLSI M40-A (Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices), classified
and certified as Medical Devices Class II sterile (invasive surgery for temporary use).
Sterile (SAL 10-6), Pyrogen free, non cytotoxic.
Pre-labelled test tube to allow a correct sample identification.

Cat. No. Medium Type Tip Type Volume, ml
430/SG/ST/F AMIES Foam swab Standard tip 1
430/SG/FT/F AMIES Foam swab Fine tip 1
430/SG/ST/D AMIES Polyester swab Standard tip 1
435/SG/ST/F STUART Foam swab Standard 1
435/SG/FT/F STUART Foam swab Fine 1
435/SG/ST/D STUART Polyester swab Standard 1
440/SG/ST/F CARY BLAIR Foam swab Standard 2
440/SG/FT/F CARY BLAIR Foam swab Fine 2
440/SG/ST/D CARY BLAIR Polyester swab Standard 2
445/SG/ST/F SELENITE Foam swab Standard 2
445/SG/FT/F SELENITE Foam swab Fine 2
445/SG/ST/D SELENITE Polyester swab Standard 2
450/SG/ST/F SALINE Foam swab Standard 2
450/SG/FT/F SALINE Foam swab Fine 2
450/SG/ST/D SALINE Polyester swab Standard 2
455/SG/ST/F VIRUS Foam swab Standard 1
455/SG/FT/F VIRUS Foam swab Fine 1
455/SG/2F VIRUS Foam swab n. 2 swabs (Standard tip + Fine tip) 1
455/SG/ST/D VIRUS Polyester swab Standard 1
455/SG/3/ST/F VIRUS Foam swab Standard 3
455/SG/3/FT/F VIRUS Foam swab Fine 3
455/SG/3/2F VIRUS Foam swab n. 2 swabs (Standard tip + Fine tip) 3
455/SG/3/ST/D VIRUS Polyester swab Standard 3

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Aptaca Liquid Collection & Transport Swabs