SPT Labtech apricot® DC1


Powerful automated pipetting from tubes to plates

The  apricot® DC1 is a unique dual-core pipetting technology that combines the functionality of four pipette tools in one versatile and affordable pipetting platform. With 9 flexible deck positions and automatic tip exchange, the compact apricot® DC1 is fully equipped to address a wide range of application and pipetting tasks.


  • dual high-volume and low-volume pipetting cores to enable highly accurate pipetting across 1-1000µL volume range
  • reliable data quality and effortless standardisation of results compared to manual or semi-manual pipetting processes
  • ample space on deck to accommodate a wide range of plates, labware and tips
  • compatible with a wide range of labware to support many different applications
  • protective enclosure shields the instruments and reagents from external influence
  • better lab ergonomics

For more information, please visit: https://www.sptlabtech.com/products/apricot/apricot-dc1



SPT Labtech apricot® DC1