Agilent Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)


Selectively remove interferences and/or analytes from challenging matrices


Agilent offer a wide range of solid phase extraction (SPE) products in various polarities and chemistries. A broad selection of Bond Elut sorbents is available in cartridge and well plate formats and as bulk sorbents. Frits, adapter caps, empty cartridges for custom packing, and online SPE cartridges can also be purchased.

  • Polymeric SPE
    • Bond Elut Plexa
    • Bond Elut Plexa PCX
    • Bond Elut Plexa PAX
    • Mixed Mode
    • Reversed Phase
  • Silica-based SPE
    • Reversed Phase (Non-Polar) Silica
    • Normal Phase (Polar) Silica
    • Inorganic
    • Ion Exchange Silica
    • Mixed Mode Silica
    • Specialty

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Agilent Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)