Glass Expansion ICP-OES Parts & Supplies

Deliver reliable results for complex matrixes


Glass Expansion provides a range of high-quality ICP-OES supplies, including ICP-OES nebulizers and application kits, to support a range of atomic spectroscopy applications. We supply ICP-OES standards kits for easier calibration, along with application-specific ICP-AES parts and supplies. We also offer high-quality ICP-OES peristaltic pump tubing and ICP-OES tubing kits for different sample requirements, as well as ICP-OES spray chambers, torches and gas filters. From spray chambers and brackets…to nebulizers, torches, and peristaltic pump tubing…
Glass Expansion ICP-OES supplies help you confidently determine major and trace elements in samples such as food, water, and soil.

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Glass Expansion ICP-OES Parts & Supplies