Agilent GC/MS Columns


Put 40 years of Agilent quality and innovation behind your every separation


Agilent J&W GC columns are available in a wide variety of stationary phases, offering a solution for your gas chromatography analysis.

  • Ultra Inert Columns
  • Low Bleed GC/MS Columns
  • Standard Polysiloxane GC Columns
  • WAX GC Columns
  • Intuvo GC Columns
  • PLOT GC Columns
  • Application Specific GC Columns
  • Metal GC Columns
  • High Temperature GC Columns
  • Chiral GC Column
  • GC Columns with Smart Key
  • Guard Columns & Capillary Tubing
  • LTM GC Columns
  • Packed Columns
  • Custom GC Columns

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our standard order guides, we will design, build, and test capillary GC columns to meet your needs.

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Agilent GC/MS Columns