Agilent Gas Flow Meter


Make productivity happen with this revolutionary flow meter—recalibrate right in your lab


The Agilent ADM flow meter is ideal for measuring gas streams with composite gas composition. This digital flow meter is easy to maintain by simply replacing the cartridge once a year to keep the gas flow meter compliant. There is no need to ship your meter back for recalibration, simply order and replace the cartridge yourself. Each flow meter comes with a calibrated cartridge.


  • Valuable tool for troubleshooting detector problems
  • Recalibrate annually by replacing cartridge with a NIST-certified calibration cartridge
  • Measures gas flow volumetrically, eliminating the need to select a gas type
  • USB connects to web interface for updates and monitoring
  • Easy to view OLED screen
  • New composite materials construction


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Agilent Gas Flow Meter