AdvanceBio Gly-X N-glycan prep with InstantPC kit, 96-ct


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  • Complete kit utilizes a novel in-solution enzymatic protein deglycosylation followed by rapid labeling of released N-glycans with InstantPC dye.
  • After a simple cleanup step, the glycan samples are ready for analysis by UHPLC, LC/MS, MS/MS and other methods.
  • With deglycosylation and labeling carried out in solution, the method is simple, rapid, and suitable for automation.
  • The InstantPC dye delivers unmatched fluorescent brightness and MS signal, that enables a single labeling method to be deployed across different glycan analysis workflows.
  • Sample preparation time: ~1 hour.
  • Includes
    • GX96-100 Gly-X deglycosylation module,
    • GX96-101 Gly-X InstantPC labeling module,
    • GX96-102 Gly-X InstantPC cleanup module.


  • Application :
    • Flexible, high-throughput format: process 1 to 96 samples
  • Kit Configuration : Sample Prep Kit
  • Count : 96
  • Recovery : 95 %
  • Precision (well-to-well, day-to-day) : 5% CV
  • Protein Load Range : 1-40 µg
  • Technique : LC & LC/MS
  • Label : InstantPC
  • Prep time (approx) : ~1 hour
  • Stability : Samples may be stored at -20°C for up to 6 months in Gly-X InstantPC eluent, or 4°C for up to 5 days in either Gly-X InstantPC eluent or after dilution with ACN/DMF
  • Preservation of Sialylated Species : 95 %
  • Equipment and Reagents Provided by User
    • Flexible, high-throughput format: process 1 to 96 samples
    • 96-well Thermocycler or two independent heat blocks, set for 90°C and 50°C. (e.g. Corning THERM-1001, 110V. THERM-1000, 230V).
    • Note: Two GlykoPrep heaters, WS0271, can be fitted with VWR 13259-260 modular heating blocks
    • Vacuum pump (Millipore WP6211560, 110 V, WP6122050, 220V, Welch WOB-L Pump 2522).
    • Note: If you have a vacuum manifold and pump other than the Millipore model suggested, please contact us for information. Alternative vacuum manifold may be used with a GX200 spacer in place of GX100 (see FAQs)

*Available in 24-ct format, GX24-IPC

AdvanceBio Gly-X N-glycan prep with InstantPC kit, 96-ct