Axygen® Axypet® Multi-channel Pipettors


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High levels of accuracy and precision with design innovations to make pipetting more comfortable during prolonged periods of time.

  • Some are ISO 17025 Pre-calibrated
  • Thumb-friendly soft spring pipetting system reduces fatigue
  • Unique side EZIject button option reduces thumb movement (Left handed EZIject button available by special order).
  • Finger-hook provides for a more relaxed grip
  • Large ergonomic push button is easy on the thumb during contact
  • Locking feature prevents accidental volume changes during pipetting procedures

Additional multi-channel pipettor features:

  • Push button and ejector button are ergonomically located
  • Curved ejector bar allows tips to be ejected in steps, reducing the mount of force required for ejection
  • Tip manifold rotates 360°
  • Each channel of the pipettor has an individual, precision piston assembly to ensure accuracy and reproducibility from one pipetting series to the next
  • Shafts withdraw when pressed against a row of tips
  • Each shaft moves independently, minimizing jamming of tips
  • Micrometer is continuously adjustable for selection of whole or fractional volumes

Cat. No. Product Name
AP-12-10 Axygen® Axypet® 1-10 µL, 12 Channel Pipettor
AP-12-200 Axygen® Axypet® 20 – 200 µL, 12 Channel Pipettor
AP-12-300 Axygen® Axypet® 50 – 300 µL, 12 Channel Pipettor
AP-12-50 Axygen® Axypet® 5-50 µL, 12 Channel Pipettor
AP-16 Axygen® Axypet® 1.0* – 10 µL, 16 Channel Pipettor
AP-16-2 Axygen® Axypet® 0.2 – 2 µL, 16 Channel Pipettor
AP-16-50 Axygen® Axypet® 5 – 50 µL, 16 Channel Pipettor
AP-8-10 Axygen® Axypet® 1-10 µL, 8 Channel Pipettor
AP-8-200 Axygen® Axypet® 20-200 µL, 8 Channel Pipettor
AP-8-300 Axygen® Axypet® 50-300 µL, 8 Channel Pipettor
AP-8-50 Axygen® Axypet® 5-50 µL, 8 Channel Pipettor

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