Quality Assurance

Our commitment to meet your expectations

BioLab has established a cold chain management system to appropriately store temperature sensitive products at its required storage conditions. This system comprises 24/7 temperature logging, SMS alarm and UPS.

BioLab has passed quality audit by Lonza Biologics Tuas Pte Ltd in August 2010 and Amgen Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd in November 2014.
In July 2016, Grifols Diagnostics (HK) has also audited the facility in BioLab to store cold chain products and supply to Health Sciences Authority.

BioLab had achieved the GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) certification required by HSA since October 2009.
As of January 2012, all Medical Devices products sold by BioLab are registered with HSA.

In additional to the above, BioLab has obtained the following for Medical Devices;

1) Registrant Licence (Licence No.: ES0000020)
2) Importer’s Licence (Licence No:ES0001311) and
3) Wholesaler’s Licence (Licence No:ES0001509)


Our GDPMDS Certificate